How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

What Things Can I do to Save on Air Conditioning Costs?

Electricity bills are, often, one of the major concerns in any household budget. Much money is also spent on repairs of gadgets, on home maintenance and renovations. You must have often wondered if there was any way to bring down your expenses. You can relax now because these simple tips will help bring down your air conditioning costs and get a huge saving on your overall electrical expenses.

Reduce heat production

Less heat inside the house means less pressure on your air conditioning and, hence, a reduction in your electric bill. Heat is produced from all electrical gadgets. Usage of microwaves, toasters, clothes driers can be reduced to bring down the heat generation.

Be careful to use them minimally when the air conditioning unit is switched on. Lamps should not be kept near the air conditioner. CFLs generate less heat than incandescent bulbs. Get these simple replacements done to see a reduction in energy bills.

Keep your house cooler

A cooler house consumes less energy as your air conditioner has to work less. Planting trees in the exterior can, significantly, bring down the temperature of your house. Shade the condenser unit from direct sunlight.

Blinds and curtains can keep off the summer heat and maintain a cooler interior.

You can also use awnings for windows which receive direct sunlight. Avoid darker exterior colours as these absorb more heat and increase the home temperature. Colour your roof white; this will deflect the extra heat rays.

A few interior renovations

Install insulated windows for energy savings. Carefully insulate your attic, garage and other unconditioned spaces to avoid energy loss. Seal up all the holes and gaps to avoid any air leakage and energy loss.

Install ceiling fans as these help the cool air to circulate and bring down the room temperature. But, don’t keep them running when you are not in the room. You can do these renovations yourself with a little assistance from a handyman, so that should not involve much cost.

Maintaining your machine

The air conditioning machine that you install must be rightly suited to your room size, number of windows and the amount of sunlight it receives; not bigger than that. A machine with a high energy efficient rating may cost more but will be a great power saver in the long run.

The ducts emitting cool air must not be obstructed; otherwise cooling will take much longer. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit will not only save your electric bills but also ensure that the unit lasts for several years.

Clean the filters well and get a maintenance contract for your unit. Install a thermostat to regulate the temperature. If the unit has lasted you many years, it is time to replace it; older machines consume more electricity.

Now that you understand that cooling and savings can go hand in hand, it should not be a problem for you to chill out this summer. Along with the power saving schemes, try out a few extra showers in the day and wear light cotton clothes. This way, you will need less air conditioning!