How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

What Things Can I do to Save on Air Conditioning Costs? Electricity bills are, often, one of the major concerns in any household budget. Much money is also spent on repairs of gadgets, on home maintenance and renovations. You must have often wondered if there was any way to bring down your expenses. You can relax now because these simple tips will help bring down your air conditioning costs and get a huge saving on your overall electrical expenses. Reduce heat production Less heat inside the house means less pressure on your air conditioning and, hence, a reduction in your electric … [Read more...]

Why is Home Maintenance so Important?

Your home is your address, your identity. This is the place where you spend most of the quality time of your life. With more and more people working from home these days, it has also become a workspace. So it is not surprising that you need regular maintenance, repairs and renovations for this all-important place in your life. Home maintenance should feature as a regular component of your household budget. Small repairs lead to greater savings A small chink in the floorboard or a crack in the kitchen sink may not worry you much today. But you must keep in mind the rapidity with which … [Read more...]

9 Quick Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance isn't restricted to repairs. In fact, certain tasks--when performed regularly--may actually prevent things from breaking in the first place. But when things do go wrong (and it's inevitable that they do), we have some backup plans that you can try before you grab the phone to call for pro. Appliances and plumbing are the most frequent offenders, but they also often can be the simplest to care for. From the gutters to the living room carpet, there's a reliable method for keeping every part of your home clean, safe, and well maintained. MUST-DO MAINTENANCE: The quickest fix is … [Read more...]